My Favorite things

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

So here's my confession of a few of my favorite things, I hope you appreciate this Brittney! Actually it was fun to do. I think this tells me what a "hostess" freak I am. What can I say I love to throw a party! Please keep the giggles down to a minimum. : ) I'd also love to see my sister/sisters-in-law and friends do this. Thanks for the challenge Britt.

First, I think everyone can tell, that I LOVE cupcakes and everything to do with cupcakes. The paper cups, the frosting, different flavors, different things you put on top, ways to display them, EVERYTHING!


Andy & Lynne said...

Love the blog! but now i feel dumb, i just posted on my blog about my love of cupcakes and then came across your blog through dacia's blog! i promise i didn't mean to copy you! although i think your party had something to do with some of this new obsession. so let's all get together and make cupcakes!