March Birthday card

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

So I'm sitting here eating a Coconut Lime cupcake and drinking hot coco from the Coco Bean Cafe and really enjoying it! I thought I deserved a treat after I did laundry, cleaned my floors, stove, and fridge, ran to Walmart for diapers, and did all the other things expcected for mom to do. So I say I definately deserved it. Anyone here in Rexburg, I highly recommend visiting, it's a great treat to give yourself.

This is my card for the Relief Society birthdays this month. It was really easy to do, got it done in one night, mostly because I was on a deadline, but still not too difficult. I'll be posting my Time Out for Women books soon, I figure those I made them for should probably see them first, so it'll be this weekend some time.

If anyone has any great cute or crafty or both site they love let me know so I can pass them along.

Treat yourself to something fun!


Dacia & Matthew Alba said...

Another awesome card! Can't wait to see the TOFW books!!!