Chaos and Order

Friday, May 16, 2008

Ok let me explain, my craft room is apperantly the cold storage room, so in the winter it gets NOOOOO heat. So it's been really hard to get things done in there because it's been so cold, hence it's become the room that everything gets thrown into because no one goes in there. And when I did do my projects (cards) I'd take everything out of the room with me to do it and then just set it all back in there when I was done. Hence the build up of stuff as well.
Well, I had finaly had enough and the weather has warmed up so i thought it was high time to clean it out. It felt soooo good. Now ii just have to get Todd to lay the carpet thats in waiting in there (and carpet pad) and that will clean it up even more. One step at a time I guess. Since having cleaned it I've completed three projects, two of which I can't post yet. One of those is my sister-in-law B-day present that I still need to get in the mail, the other is a card I made for my Stamp'n up group that is in a contest that's suppose to be anonymous so i don't want anyone to see it yet, the third, well I just haven't snapped a picture of it yet so you'll just have to wait.


Dacia said...

Looks like you've been busy!