Few new things

Saturday, May 31, 2008

So this first thing is something I did for my sister-in-law's birthday. It was pretty easy to do once If figured out what I was going to do to it. The hardest part was finding the pictures to go in it, hope she liked it! (it says FRIEND if you can't see it)

Next is a card I made for some friends of mine I did three of the same style only in different paper, they turned out pretty cute, one of my favorites.

This is this months RS birthday card, I was into summery things so this just sounded like a good idea, not really birthdayish but oh well.

And finally this was going to be my card I was going to enter for our stamp'n up contest this month but found out I'd jumped the gun and didn't know we can only use stamp'n up products, oh well, I'll try again. oh and on the front it says "these shoes are killing me, they must look fabulous!"


Ashlee said...

I LOVED the book you sent me. Very cool. I think you found some great pictures, some I hadn't even seen before! Thanks for being so creative and sharing your talent with me!!!!

Debbie said...

Tiff...you are doing such adorable stuff!!! I have to remember to keep checking your creative blog!! Funny thing...I have a friend who made ME one of those FRIEND books for my birthday on the 9th!!! So sweet!!!! I know how much work goes into those!! You have a wonderful heart!!
I miss you and your sweet Family!!

Dacia said...

Love the card! I figured once I got the invitation saying we had to use Stampin up stuff that you would post yours here. It's so cute! You really are soooooo creative!

Kelli said...

is this creative outlet blog still being used or should i delete if from my list, or are you going to make this one private also? just trying to do some bloggy housekeeping